Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

Recontouring or reshaping the teeth (odontoplasty, enameloplasty) is a procedure in which small amounts of enamel are removed to change a tooth's shape, length, or surface consistency. This relatively conservative and affordable cosmetic dental treatment is usually done to improve the appearance of a smile by giving it a more balanced look. It is a quick and painless procedure that can be done in one office visit whose results can be seen immediately. Many times patients present with worn teeth that makes them appear much older than they are. With some creative contouring and understanding the principles of smile design a much more youthful smile can be achieved, Dentistry is not just a science but an art form.This artistic expression allows Dr. Adams to create very natural looking teeth that enhances the smile and consequently the patients self esteem and happiness. Feeling good about yourself will change your life. We can help you with a smile you will wear the rest of your life proudly.

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping is an effective method to correct minor imperfections such as irregular shapes from uneven teeth, fixing small chips, smoothing out pits in the tooth's enamel, adjusting the length of the canines or removing crevices between teeth where plaque can accumulate. It Is not recommend if there is decay or an infection in a tooth.

At the appointment, Dr. Adams will contour the tooth or teeth with a fine diamond bur or sanding disk designed specifically for this procedure. Once the tooth is shaped, Dr. Adams will smooth and polish. Those with sensitive teeth may want to consider anesthetic however many do not need it.

Because enamel cannot be replaced, recontouring should be carefully considered.There is some risk with this procedure because it involves the thickness of the enamel. If the enamel of the tooth that has been recontoured becomes too thin or exposes the dentin layer (the layer beneath the enamel), tooth sensitivity to heat, cold, and sweets could result.

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