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What does my dentist have to do with Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

Snoring and Sleep Apnea can sometimes be treated with an oral appliance available at Timothy C. Adams, DDS, D.ACSDD in Carmel, IN that's designed to hold the lower jaw forward during sleep. This repositioning of the jaw moves the tongue away from the back of the throat, reducing the potential for obstruction. This treatment is backed by a great deal of scientific evidence which is why it's a good remedy to try before moving on to more complicated breathing devices or surgery to remove excess tissues in the throat.

Only a dentist can fabricate, fit, adjust, monitor, and treat complications associated with Oral Appliance Therapy used in managing sleep related breathing disorders (SRBD). So if you or a loved one is experiencing any combination of the signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea, please contact Dr. Adams for a consultation to see if Oral Appliance Therapy is for you.

How can Dr. Adams help?

Timothy C. Adams, DDS, D.ACSDD is specially trained in Dental Sleep as he earned a Diplomate in Sleep with the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines. With Dr. Adams extensive training and expertise in TMJ/TMD, Occlusion, Airway and Sleep Dentistry, he is able to diagnose and treat these multifactorial and challenging cases. Having trained and lectured side by side with the late Dr. James Garry and most recently with the talented Dr. Deepak Shrivastava, he has a unique understanding on how to treat these cases and how to avoid the pitfalls that are generally found with sleep patients. To understand the importance of how airway drives the stomatagnathic system is critical. Dr. Adams will evaluate you with a thorough exam and help you understand what causes snoring and/or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). During sleep, the tongue and the tissues of the throat and mouth relax and collapse into the airway making it smaller. The smaller size of the airway causes the air passing through to increase in speed which causes the soft tissues to vibrate, the vibrating tissues create the snoring noise. Depending on your particular clinical situation, Dr. Adams will create for you an individually crafted device known as a Sleep/Snoring Oral Appliance. The Sleep/Snoring Oral Appliance holds your mandible in a slightly advanced position, moving the relaxed tissues out of the airway and increasing the oxygen flow to the brain.

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