Air Abrasion, also called micro air abrasion is a technology that uses equipment such as a PrepStart to remove minor decay using a fine stream of air and powder. It can limit the need for anesthesia, vibrations and noise of the drill. It allows for more of the healthy tooth structure to be left behind while the soft decay is removed which leaves a stronger tooth. This is the goal every dentist strives to achieve any time there is decay. It is why regular cleanings and exams can usually catch decay early enough so the least invasive dentistry can be performed.

There is some confusion about the difference between the technology and the technique so it is important to understand the difference. Dr. Adams utilizes the different types of microabrasion services but the applications are not the same. The first procedure is an extremely conservative technique used to remove small areas of decay in the grooves of teeth without a drill (hand-piece) and in many instances without anesthetic. Microabrasion, or air abrasion cavity preparation is a conservative technique that uses alpha aluminum particles that are propelled by high powered air aimed towards a specific area of decay. Dr. Adams aims this precise stream of air and powder to clean up decay without the need to give anesthetic or use a traditional drill (hand-piece). With the ability to cut a precisely defined cavity preparation, the particle stream can be finely focused to gently micro air abrade the smallest carious lesions. There is no heat or vibration that can cause discomfort to the patient or further damage otherwise healthy tooth structure. Dr. Adams utilizes this technique at his Carmel Indianapolis area office on a regular basis to holistically remove diseased tooth structure in an ultra conservative and comfortable fashion. The earlier the detection and particular size of the lesion allows for the ability to utilize air abrasion technology that eliminates the drill (hand-piece) and thus a conservative and comfortable drill -free experience. The second type of microabrasion involves more technique than technology because the tooth is cosmetically enhanced with dental materials in a quick and affordable way. Dr. Adams has used the microabrasion technique for many years in his Carmel, Indiana office to improve the esthetics of teeth with much success. He has published an article on this technique that was published in the Journal of the Indiana Dental Association and the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society. Many potentially attractive smiles are marred by staining on one or all teeth leading to embarrassment or low self- esteem. Microabrasion is a relatively inexpensive way to reduce or remove spots or stains on the teeth that may have been caused by trauma, developmental abnormalities, too much fluoride, medication, an accident or other causes. Bleaching/whitening can only provide limited results and usually can't remove decalcifications and other tooth discolorations. For those who can't afford veneers or crowns, microabrasion could be a possibility. It is a quick and painless solution for removing yellow, brown and white spots and stains on natural teeth. It is a procedure that will not harm your teeth because it removes only micro layers. Depending on how deep the stain is, it may take more than one treatment. Timothy C. Adams, DDS, D.ACSDD in Carmel, IN provides the Carmel and Indianapolis area with the most current aesthetic procedures. With over 35 years of experience as a leader in the dental community, Dr. Adams can provide optimum cosmetic results. Air abrasion is one of many procedures that gives patients an opportunity to get the smile they desire and deserve.

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