Metal-Free Fillings (Mercury-Free)

Metal-Free fillings, tooth-colored fillings are commonly called composite resin fillings. They are bio-compatible and tooth colored. The amalgam filling(silver filling) contains mercury which is a known toxin to humans. There has been controversy regarding the health consequences of working with substances in amalgams, not to mention using the material as fillings for teeth. For decades, many dentists continued to use them because it was the most cost-effective material and insurance would not cover composite resins, initially. Unfortunately, composite resins are more expensive and may still not be fully covered by some insurance, even today. Dr. Adams began using the alternatives to amalgams as soon as they were on the market because of his concern about toxicity and its contamination in the environment. Because composite materials were challenging for many dentists in the beginning, Dr. Adams was trained by experts in the procedure and later trained other dentists how to successfully place these composite fillings in lieu of amalgams.

Metal-Free or Tooth-Colored fillings have other advantages:

  • Teeth are less likely to break because they are bonded to the tooth.
  • Gives more of a natural look. Your smile does not have to be compromised by a mouthful of metal when you smile or laugh
  • No weakening of remaining tooth structure due to a less invasive to keep more of the healthy part of the tooth.
  • Easier to repair.
  • Does not show through the enamel causing the tooth to darken or turn gray.

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