Post and Core/Core Build Ups


Sometimes using just a core build does not allow for sufficient or adequate structure to support a the final restoration.In these cases a post is used to help attach the core material to the tooth. This is accomplished by drilling an access space for the post in an existing root where there is a canal that had been treated with a root canal filling material. A post matching the size of the access space is placed and bonded into the canal.A tooth colored dental core build up is then used to anchor the post to the core material. This allows the dentist to anchor a post to a dental core material and any existing tooth structure that is left giving the most ideal substrate to place a restoration on an otherwise compromised tooth.

Once this process is complete the post and core/core build up can be prepped and then restored with a new bonded crown after a brief temporary phase lasting 2-3 weeks.


Many times teeth are presented with large amounts of decay, missing tooth structure, fractures,broken down fillings and access openings as a result of previous endodontic therapy. Core placement allows the dentist to replace the missing tooth structure that then can be prepared and strengthened with a crown.Replacing this missing tooth structure creates the ideal substrate for a new restoration .

Core placement is also know as a core build up and aids in re-establishing the original tooth structure and shape.This procedure helps the dentist greatly improve the strength and durability of the crown, and therefore maximizing it’s long-term chances for success.

When placing just a core the dentist uses tooth colored dental core material to rebuild the tooth back to its original size and shape so the dentist can then prep the tooth to an ideal tooth preparation that allows for the most ideal abutment to be able to place a long lasting and durable final restoration.

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