Tens Machine

The QuadraTEns is a ultra low frequency tens machine that is used to relax the muscles of mastication. Most patients that suffer from TMJ are in a spastic muscle cycle. Being able to take these patients from a anerobic, lactic acid producing spastic muscle cycle to an aerobic ATP energy efficient muscle cycle allows the patient to acheive a more physiologic resting muscle length in 30-40 minutes. This new physiologic muscle position allows us to place the patient in a more ideal functional position. From this new bite position we can place the patient in a more physiologic neuromuscular position with either an appliance , orthodontics or a full mouth reconstruction.

This patient from Carmel IN wanted to address her TMJ problems along with avoiding braces. Her muscles were placed in a relaxed position after Tensing in order to create an orthosis to position her bite in a more comfortable position. The result was a successful Full Mouth Reconstruction case with Porcelain Veneers where the teeth were straightened, whitened, facial structure better aligned and her TMJ symptoms were nearly eliminated.

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