Temporomandibular Disorders

Headaches? Popping & Clicking of the jaw? Dull, aching facial pain? You may be suffering from a Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). Also often referred to as “TMJ” many people suffer from the symptoms of TMD. Some estimates place the number of TMD suffers in the United States at 15% of the population.

But relief is available.

What is a Temporomadibular Disorder? To put it simply, a condition where the Temporomandibular Joint (the joint that connects your jaw to your skull) is not functioning properly. The TMJ is a unique, complicated joint and its proper function depends on the joints, the teeth and muscles of the face and neck working together in harmony.

Utilizing the principles of Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. Adams scientifically evaluates the status of each of these components and develops an individual treatment plan that corrects the malfunction and brings these elements together in functional harmony.

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