Kate W.

The reviews speak for themselves with the incredible cosmetic results people have gotten. Dr. Adams is such a special person because...he treats you like an actual family member and not your standard "patient". He has an incredible skill-set in increasing athletic performance through a custom bite-molded mouth guard. This opened up my son's airway much more, resulting in an increase in strength, recovery, and sprinting speed for his sport. Before finding out about Dr. Adams, I never even knew that sort of thing was even possible!
Literally a 6/5! Goes above and beyond for each patient

John S. Andrews

I went to Dr. Adams to get porcelain veneers and was blown away by his immense knowledge, professionalism, and eye for aesthetics. I had concerns about the alignment and color of my teeth before going to him. As a result, the procedure changed my life. People don't even recognize me when I smile and am so grateful I found him!!!
When meeting with other cosmetic dentists for consultations, Dr. Adams was the most reasonable by far. The results speak for themselves when I was doing my research on his website. With years of lecturing experience across the continent, Dr. Adams is a top of the line cosmetic dentist.

Kevin M

When I say Dr. Adams can perform miracles, don't take that as a cliché statement. The attention to detail he has is absolutely off the charts. What makes Dr. Adams so unique is his charisma and relationship he has with patients. On top of that, the knowledge and specialization in which he provides is truly amazing. The natural veneer work he does is so aesthetic yet natural and has allowed me to be more proud of my smile than ever before. Dr. Adams changed my life in more ways than one!

Rene Lemmon

I had to visit my favorite oral surgeon who told me if I didn't go to see someone who could correct my crowns I would loose many of my teeth. I had no occlusion! He told me Dr. Adam's was the best in the business of occlusion. So I took his advice and what a difference! I did not realize how difficult eating had been until Dr. Adams corrected my bite. And my smile looks great too! He truly is the best in the business!

Jamie Stromn

I have gone to Dr. Adams for 3 years now and have never had as consistent a dentist than him. He does it all- veneers, sleep apnea, full mouth reconstruction etc. He has so much info and a rare cosmetic touch when working with his patients. Super kind too. 10/10

Julie Barnes

I have seen Dr. Adams for years and my family has recently started going to him. He is excellent with general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. I am so glad he is my dentist. And I would recommend him to

carol slater-hutcherson

Dr Adams and his team are awesome. They cleaned each and every individual teeth. When I was finished I felt like I just had my teeth cleaned. If you are looking for professionalism, great costumer service and they treat you like family, this is absolutely the place to go.

Amy Kellough

I have been a patient of Dr. Adams' for many years and let me just tell you Dr. Adams and his assistant Christie are a DREAM TEAM. They are the friendliest, kindest people in the business. Dr. Adams has this great technique where I never feel the anesthesia shot and he's always checking on me to make sure I'm totally comfortable. They offer me a nice warm blanket over my lap and any channel I want to watch on the tv. Excellent work, excellent team, excellent experience every time!

A Google User

Stunning smile. I always have people tell me how gorgeous my teeth are. No one believes they are veneers. Not only are they beautiful, Dr. Adams was able to get my teeth in better alignment. It helped reduce my neck issues.

A Google User

A great Dentist and a great staff!

Chaoyu Xie

A Google User

Dr Adams is an incredible dentist! My teeth were a mess and my smile was embarassing. Now I can't stop smiling! Thank you so very much Dr. Adams!

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