Neuromuscular Dentures

Smile with Confidence!

Neuromuscular dentures do more than simply replace the teeth, they are designed to fit precisely into the position that optimizes the relationship between the jaw, the muscles of the face and neck and the teeth. As an added benefit, the full smile that a neuromuscular denture gives you contributes to a youthful, attractive appearance by preserving the facial structure. They help you eat chewy, crunchy, or hard foods and play an important role in helping you speak clearly and confidently.

The cosmetic part of finalizing your denture design is where Dr. Adam’s experience and specialized training comes into play.

Dr. Adams concentrates on creating dentures with a natural, pleasing look. Even the smallest details are studied - the size of various teeth, the angle at which they are set, ratios of height to width, shade, and color. As a result, all of these components come together to produce a natural looking smile. As an added bonus, reestablishing the correct jaw position and spacing often eliminates some facial lines and the older look typical of traditional denture patients.

There is no need for you to suffer discomfort or embarrassment over poorly fitting dentures. Dr. Adam’s experience, modern evaluation & diagnostic instrumentation in tandem with the wide variety of new materials have combined to create dentures that are truly superior - and patients with beautiful smiles!

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