Does My Health Insurance Cover Sleep Dentistry?

An oral appliance can be prescribed as a treatment and would be considered a medically necessary situation with a diagnosis of mild or moderate sleep apnea from our board-certified sleep physician. So for most patients, the answer is “yes.”

Two factors will determine your coverage: your plan’s allowed amount for an oral appliance and your plan’s deductible, which we will determine for you. In most cases, you will have a much higher reimbursement from your medical insurance than from a dental policy (if you have one.) Once your screening is complete, we can provide a “verification of benefits” so you will know what your actual treatment cost will. Of course, coverage will vary by state, carrier, and specific insurance plan.

If you already have a CPAP but aren’t using it don’t worry; your medical insurance can cover oral appliance therapy in addition to the CPAP machine you already have.  We can work with your doctor to obtain documentation that you are non-compliant with CPAP treatment (like nearly 70% of CPAP users) and get you covered.

For more information, please call our office or use the online form to request a consultation to find out if your insurance will cover sleep dentistry and oral appliances

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