Laser Gum Sculpting

Take your smile from good to great!

Many people are satisfied with the color, shade, and alignment of their teeth but wish to improve a smile that may appear too “gummy” or asymmetrical. Laser surgery is a relatively painless, simple procedure that utilizes a modern dental laser to re-contour the tissue (gums) to give that “wow” look.

A "gummy" or uneven smile is a common problem that can make your teeth seem almost secondary in appearance to your gums. Sometimes an uneven gum line can make your teeth seem slanted or unusually sized or shaped.

Dr. Adams uses a soft-tissue laser to gently sculpt and shape your gum line in order to adjust for the ideal smile line, which instantly creates a more visually appealing smile. In most cases, you can take your smile from good to great in just one visit.

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